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Startle Announced as Finalists for 4 UK Business Awards!

Startle Announced as Finalists for 4 UK Business Awards!

Written by

Adam Castleton


September 22, 2017


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We’re thrilled to announce that Startle has been shortlisted in all FOUR categories entered in the 2017 UK Business Awards!

After spending a great deal of time and hard work on putting together our best possible awards entries, we’re now through to the finals for the Best Place to Work, Team of the Year, Business Change or Transformation and Innovation categories.

The UK Business Awards (aka The Dons) recognises the best of UK businesses, with categories addressing subjects within either the Sector Specific, Discipline or People groups. The awards are judged by a panel of independent business men and women, with a thorough scoring system that is endorsed by the Cranfield School of Management - a very highly regarded business school.

As explained on the UK Business Awards website; “These Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate exceptional business performance. As a unique daytime event, they enable businesses from across the UK to compete for the ultimate business accolade.”

Why now?

With Startle achieving an exceptional level of growth over the past few years, we felt that 2017 was the time to submit our business for recognition.

As a company that takes employee wellbeing very seriously and truly believes that maintaining a happy team is crucial for business success, submitting an entry for Team of the Year was a no-brainer. Our employees have grown to have excellent relationships, spurred by a culture of open and collaborative working - which was the foundation for our Best Place to Work award entry.

Our third and fourth entries for Business Change or Transformation and Innovation outline how this employee-first working culture has led to Startle’s fast growth and helped us in our understanding of our customers and how to deliver them both innovative products and excellent support.

Now that we have been announced as finalists in these four categories, we will go on to give a presentation at the awards finals on 22nd November, where a winner in each category will be declared in the formal ceremony.

Here’s to a lot of preparation in the next few weeks - wish us luck!

Startle team at dinner
Startle Announced as Finalists for 4 UK Business Awards!

Adam Castleton

CEO at Startle. It's my job to lead Startle, ensuring that we have a positive impact on both our customers and our team, by delivering innovation and growth in a positive culture. When I'm not at my desk, you'll either find me at a customer's site, or in the forest with my wife and boys - my two happy places.

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