Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is the payment process?

Once an order is placed through our dedicated Jaguar Land Rover web page, we’ll ship your hardware on the same day and send you an order confirmation complete with a tracking link. We’ll then issue your invoices in advance on a monthly basis. Each invoice should be paid within 30 days of the date on the invoice via Credit or Debit Card or Direct Debit.

What is included in the cost?

Your monthly subscription fee covers your account setup, full platform access, 24/7 Relentless Support™ and mechanical licences.


What is the hardware delivery process?

Once an order is placed with Startle, we’ll ship your hardware the same day free of charge including taxes and custom charges. You’ll receive an order confirmation email with a tracking link, so you know exactly when to expect your Player.

How is the Startle hardware installed?

The Startle Player is designed for a simple self-install, connecting to power, your amplifier/PA system and an ethernet or wifi connection. We’ll provide you with all the cables you need to be up and running within minutes. Our Relentless Support team is available via phone, live chat or email to assist with the installation process if required.

What is the technical specification for Startle hardware?

Our standalone music player, the Startle Player, connects to the internet with an ethernet cable (wifi is available) and your amplifier/PA system using standard RCA connectors. The player is a very lightweight and energy-efficient mini PC running custom Linux-based firmware. Not only is the Startle Player incredibly efficient (drawing <2W of power), but with no moving parts, it's incredibly reliable too.

Startle Players are managed and monitored entirely remotely, connecting to our robust cloud platform, Startle Studio. Your audio content, playlists and schedules are all managed by us from within Studio, via an app or responsive web interface. The player will download, synchronise and update its content and schedules automatically. Music and content are stored locally, so the use of the system is never dependent on a consistently stable internet connection.

What is the warranty for Startle hardware?

In the unlikely event that a Startle Player fails, we offer free replacements for the lifetime of the contract. These will be shipped on the same day that a request is received.

What type of internet connection is required?

The Startle Player simply requires an ethernet or wifi connection to bring music to life.
It supports connections with low or unreliable bandwidth without interrupting other services or devices running on the network (Firewall information can be provided on request).


How many tracks are in the Jaguar Land Rover playlists?

The Jaguar Land Rover soundtrack is split into 3 playlists (Activate, Signature and Inspire) representing different energy levels. Each of these contain around 250 tracks, providing roughly 50 hours of music. This means your staff are unlikely to hear the same song more than once per week and can enjoy variation - no stale sounding songs here.

How regularly are the Jaguar Land Rover playlists updated?

It's important to keep playlists fresh and avoid repetition, however there is value in familiarity. It's a feeling that people gravitate to and feel comfortable around. That's why we refresh our playlists at a rate of 10% of tracks each month. These playlist updates will take place over the cloud, delivered to your Startle Player automatically.

Where is the music managed from?

Your music is managed from our central user platform, Startle Studio, which is available from internet connected devices, such as desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones. Authenticated users are able to see live reports and perform all the actions you would expect, such as playlist management, scheduling and volume adjustments, according to their user permissions.


What licences are included in Startle’s music service?

Our service covers the licences required to supply you with music, however (outside of the US) you will need to obtain our own public performance licences to play music in public. Please go back to the previous page for further information about regional licenses.


How will our account be managed by Startle?

Your account will be managed by one of our experienced Account Managers, James, who will be responsible for your overall satisfaction as a Startle customer. James is supported by the wider music, technical and operations teams.

As your Account Manager, James will ensure that everything is running smoothly. He will also ensure that Startle and Jaguar Land Rover are working closely in a supportive and proactive long-term relationship with regularly scheduled and structured check-ins.

How is day-to-day support provided?

Our Relentless Support™ team are available 24/7/365 to assist with day-to-day queries via WhatsApp, phone, email and in-app chat. Our in-house team are distributed across the US and UK, with full 24/7 coverage achieved with shift alignment of our international teams. 

We have industry-leading SLAs whereby we respond to support queries in under 30 minutes (12-month average: 6m 48s) and resolve issues in under 3 hours (12-month average: 52m 39s). Read more about our Relentless Support™ function here.

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Adam Scott, Jaguar Land Rover Account Specialist

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