Why Customers Love the Iconic British Pub Quiz

First introduced in the late 1970s, pub quizzes have become an iconic feature of British pubs, enjoyed weekly by thousands across the country. A great way of bringing in more customers and increasing sales, pub landlords have reaped the benefits of the pub quiz increasingly over the past few decades as their popularity has exploded. This increasing appeal can be largely attributed to Britain’s love of the Q&A format, cherished across platforms from TV and Radio to Newspapers, where it’s demonstrated how fond our nation is of a quiz.

So, what is it about the pub quiz that keeps players coming back for more?

Element of Competition

The pub quiz has evolved since its birth and, to many, now has a serious degree of competition. Regulars love to assert a sense of authority, often keen to uphold their status as the top team. These players are all too familiar with the format of a pub quiz and crave the chance to outshine their competitors and their own past performances. General knowledge know-it-alls have a free pass to show off, and if you’re someone who knows the 50 States like the alphabet, or every no.1 of the 60s, you’re in with a good chance of complementing a winning team. For most of us, however, a pub quiz is a great opportunity to plough our energies into a bit of friendly competition over a few drinks, meanwhile exposing ourselves to a few laughs at our own expense.

Social Interaction

The team element of pub quizzes contributes to its great opportunities for social interaction. For friends, it provides a good excuse to get together and catch up. On the other hand, it can be an opportunity for getting to know new people, whether it’s an ice-breaker for friends-of-friends or a reason to socialise with the staff. In short, the pub quiz provides the topics of conversation for the next couple of hours, and offers up plenty of chances to discuss, debate and entertain.

Location & Sense of Community

For many pub quiz goers, part of the game’s attraction is its location, as a local venue offers an easy option for a night out in terms of travel arrangements and time. If customers have grown familiar with a pub and its staff after repeat visits, the experience becomes more personal and they’re likely to feel comfortable and relaxed. As locals get to know each other, a sense of community is heightened, and this translates across the whole business and helps to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Entertainment on Quiet Nights

Traditionally, pub quizzes have been positioned on quieter nights as a way to attract customers. One study of 230 Scottish pubs that ran weekly quizzes showed that just 6% of these took place on Friday nights, and none on Saturdays. This was justified by the fact that these times were already busy through weekend celebrations or sports on the big screen.

‘Off-peak’ quiz nights provide customers with something to do when there is less on and allow them to make the most of what may usually be a quiet weeknight.


There’s no doubt in the sense of entertainment a good pub quiz provides, and this could be the reason that customers choose one venue over another. Over a quarter of participants that took place in a study conducted by Greene King said that the quiz was their favourite thing about their local, and this can be largely attributed to the sense of humour, adrenaline and bonding. From deciding on a witty team name to reminiscing over the tracks featured in music round, pub quizzes offer plenty of opportunities to connect, and unwind.

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